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About #Water4Wildlife
In the late 90's after almost a decade working at various McDonald's Restaurants around Queensland and the Northern Territory, exploring the local national parks and beaches on all my 'free' time (more like study in nature for the next training course exams) all falling in love time with the inhabitants of these locations who kept me company and at peace in unfamiliar surroundings. Thus my journey away from foodcourts and into nature hoping to take technology with me. I had YouTube dreams well before finishing school, well before YouTube that came around 2007 when I launched a new web project OneDollarCarbonCredits.com (A.K.A. 1DollarCarbonCredits.com historical stuff) to raise funds to purchase property for conservation reserves of the trees and animals (flora & fauna).

Our grand longterm goal funded by a yet to be established interactive APP, is to plant trees on cleared land for new longterm carbon sequestration (sink) forests with an ambition of creating art viewed from space, like logos or designs in colours and tree variety's to create the image.
2016 was a monumental year for my dream of living in nature when it happened! Got a loan, bought land (#SolomonForest #FreedomForest)and continued creating video content via Facebook & Instagram.

Water4Wildlife ! Ok, back to now: December 2019, been through a mini drought, survived a cyclone and following flood, then a year later(a year ago) bushfires reached our neighbours which then lead us into this the worst drought in Australian history. This year has been extremely dry with above average temperatures and winds.

The forest is suffering, both the wet and dry forests we have. The bigger birds can seek out the mountain waterholes, while the smaller birds around the creek search the best they can and use dew when there is dew which there has not been much. Some of our wildlife get moisture from their food.

From our first arrival here, even in the good times the birds enjoyed our water tubs I put out for drinking and swimming in. Goannas, lizards, snakes, bees both native and honey collecting variety also share the water provided.

As I've moved about the property I have established many places where the wildlife can drink or bathe in water, fresh most days as that's how much gets drunk or splashed or in the case of toads, completely knocked over. Toads spoil the water sending it green after just one night of mating.
🦋 Did I mention butterflies and moths with hornets, dragonflies and wasps also adore the water in this drought. Liquid Gold!

Now knowing how important it is for wildlife water, I have become more motivated to bring this lifetimes work to fruition and provide the unattended cameras near the waterholes to let the world view and interact with the environment they are seeing. For example, if you pay $1 something happens in the real world like a small waterfall activates and adds water. The more someone pays the better and longer lasting the effect on screen. These should interact with the animals too. That's long term, first we need to pay off this property and purchase our HQ building on ten acres next door, it has 50,000 litres of water storage(currently full and not used).

AUD$175,000 is our priority goal to bring cameras to the internet!
Until then, with or without financial support I'm going to continue topping up the current water toughs and caps because the happiness I see from the wildlife is rewarding for me. Maybe you'll feel the same way if you #FlipACoin our way! PayPal.me/Freedom4Life or buy a Virtual Bottle of Real Water(tm) over there on the right.
"Virtual Bottles of Real Water"
"Just when you thought Virtual Cans of Real Oxygen(tm) was outrageous comes another wildlife fund raising project this time focusing on ours and the neighbours wildlife drinking water supply, with....
Virtual Bottles of Real Water(tm)!"
#VirtualBottlesOfRealWater 👏🏽
"With your PayPal (including credit cards) you can support the drinking water supply of wildlife living in Australia at and next to our conservation reserve. 100% of income supports water capture, storage and distribution project:
Here is where the VirtualBottlesOfRealWater will be displayed for quick PayPal purchase. Not all sizes are bottles, there is a wheelbarrow barrow and just a lids worth of water options too.

Watch this space! Updated last date at the bottom.
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