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Here you can help Farmer Christian, Carbon Offset Farmer, Save Earth by recycling electronic currency like Paypal
and real dollars into forests by conservation of native land. Let's produce Oxygen together! (BUY NOW or Learn More)
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Wind Farm Turbines can generate Green Electricity when Carbon Credits are PurchasedOur original Trading Grid was uploaded October 5th, 2007. The primary outcome from this grid is tree conservation to reduce Carbon dioxide by approximately 730 kilograms per sustained tree every year! Our tree planting progress began in 2005 establishing new Trees on Freedom Farm, continuing on land purchased by profits such as 'RiverMountain' coming soon with your support. Target remaining AUD$263,300 to support Oxygen Production for 1800 people per year!

Your image and link details remain active for 365 days The difference you make by trading really does last a lifetime. Subscribe to our Blog's RSS to see updates of our tree planting and growing progress.

Price: Free for blocks with square less than 100 pixels and AUD$1.00 per 10 x 10 pixel block (AUD$0.01 per pixel) for regions contain more than 100 pixels

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Trees on Stage | River Mountain

An image of the first wind farm in United States of AmericaOxygen Farm Alpha | Trees on Stage at River Mountain
Our forest of River Mountain produce enough Fresh Oxygen for 1800 people per year.
This grid funds our first property 'River Mountain'.
When you purchase your credit, not only is your web-link promoted but so are you for being an active Global Carbon Trader, taking action, making a difference producing oxygen together. Another way you can show off your new carbon offset trade is by including in your next blog post, community newsletter or status update. See our 'link to us' section for banners for your use, or create your own!
The blocks here will last a lifetime active online. No free blocks here, AU$1 per pixel, AU$100 per block.

Price: AUD$100.00 per 10 x 10 pixel block (AUD$1. per pixel)


#Camera3 | #ODCCTV water cam
This Offset trading grid is to provide support for our future Camera 3 watching a water view. COMING SOON* to #Live! Consider this Carbon Credit option as your chance to be a lifetime foundation trader as credit pixels purchased on this grid, DO NOT EXPIRE! Yes, each 20 x 20 block is valid for the sites lifetime and Internet Cache history. Once sold, #Camera3 blocks will NOT be sold again! Only fifty Aussie cents per pixel for Oxygen production protection. What is your next breath worth?
Blocks traded on this grid continue to protect Acres of Real Earth Land, forever with a Lifetime Conservation Order.
Visit to check your global footprint size in hectares. The Australian average is 7.6 global hectares per person.

As Paypal limits transactions to A$10,000 we also have Off-line Payment option available for other payment methods.

Price: AUD$200.00 per 20 x 20 pixel block (AUD$0.5 per pixel)

What are Carbon Credits

What are Carbon Credits?:

Carbon credits are a key component of national and international emissions trading schemes. They provide a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on an industrial scale by capping total annual emissions and letting the market assign a monetary value to any shortfall through trading. Credits can be exchanged between businesses or bought and sold in international markets at the prevailing market price. Credits can be used to finance carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the world.

There are also many companies that sell carbon credits to commercial and individual customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint on a voluntary basis. These carbon offsetters purchase the credits from an investment fund or a carbon development company that has aggregated the credits from individual projects. The quality of the credits is based in part on the validation process and sophistication of the fund or development company that acted as the sponsor to the carbon project.

"Carbon credit." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 17 Oct 2007, 23:43 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 19 Oct 2007 <>.

Our most popular grid to visit after the front page | Offsets here used in multiple purposes
The block size on this tutorial Grid is 25 pixels X  25 pixels using your uploaded image (or select from our collection, with hundreds to choose from) also included is 'mouse over text' that is written by you, that once clicked opens up in a new window (using a direct back-link - which benefits your site with search engine listings and ratings). The carbon credit space is yours for 1095 days (three years), remaining the same or you can change images, text or link simply by logging in and a few simple steps that almost anyone could do.

When you are ready to buy (or get free) your first carbon credit offset pixels, create an account first (up the very top right hand corner) then after your email is verified and ready to go, click on the Buy/Get Carbon Credit buttons on this page or just click the one you want now. To add 2nd or 3rd grids or images per grid, this 'Get Credits' page is the one to come back to.

To see the funds raised from this site spent, visit and subscribe to our Carbon Trading Blog.

If you would like to have your Image, logo, or brand as the background of the future 'Buy your name here' trading grid, then click this
button to pay purchase deposit of AUD$10,000 with the remaining AUD$290,000 to be paid after discussion of payment method. The grid background image is to be lifetime in use with block trading terms to be advised (secret). This is a limited opportunity, don't delay deposit today. Thank-you.

Price: AUD$300.00 per 25 x 25 pixel block (AUD$0.48 per pixel)

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Remember this, Global carbon dioxide emissions must fall
50 to 80 percent by 2050 to stop the planet heating up
more than 2 degrees Celsius.
(The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

Thank-you for your support!
Together, we can protect and conserve hundreds of
acres of land and further, plant thousands of trees to carbon sink
and offset global carbon dioxide as we create daily Oxygen
for 1800 people per 100 acres of conservation! *

Our mission:
What is the purpose of
Our sole purpose in existence is to allow People of all Inter-net Connected Nations
to contribute to saving the Earth from imminent dangers associated with excess Carbon pollution
by Trading in the means of visual and clickable sponsorship positions
in lieu of electronic currency notes such as PayPal & Credit Cards.

Stage One: Become established with an on-line presence.
DONE Since 2007 Paid until 2019, to be extended every five years. This is a Lifetime project.
Stage Two: Raise income savings to purchase initial property.
Current primary 10 acre Goal still Requires AUD $45,325. Help Out, trade!
Stage Three: Upgrade this website and our ODCCTV app for better social media sharing
and activating live camera streams established in stage two above.
Stage Four: Repeat stage two. This goal currently requires AUD $20,000 for 10 more forested acres
on the Coral Coast of Queensland Australia.