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Planetary Emergency - A 7 day Global challenge for Corporations

Today in Bali Indonesia many Nations came together in peace to discuss a roadmap to surviving climate change and to set targets of reducing and being more accountable for CO2 emissions being pumped into the atmosphere with many warnings and cautions on how fast or slow we approach the challenge of correcting the balance.  In the words of Al Gore, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work on Climate Change, "We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency -- a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here," Mr Gore said at the gala ceremony in Oslo's City Hall, in front of Norway's royalty, leaders and invited guests.

I throw out the challenge today to all the corporations creating hundreds of tonnes of pollution and billions of dollars of profit to show you really do care about making change. People are in charge of these corporations money, humans decide how to spend some of the millions and billions of dollars they profit each year and in the interests of planetary security selling these 'special items' below should take less than 7 days to Sell OUT! That is the 7 day challenge! We at am deadly serious about making change and have the perfect option many corporations have been looking for, to get that Eco Green Buck extra worth of advertising for each dollar they spend. We have the solution, Trees, Green Electricity and 24/7 Internet advertising shouting to the world - we have accepted the challenge look at what we have done... in 2007. Quick days are running out fast...

History will remember you as a Foundation Partner of Freedom Farm
Brand New 'Designer' 1 Acre Forest
  • 1 acre Brand New Native Australian Forest
  • "Your name here" Forest
  • Unique 'Top Secret' forestry layout
  • 24/7 Internet web-cam monitoring
Total Lifetime Price A$1,000,000
Pay in Full with e-gold

Pay Carbon Offset in FULL Now with e-gold...
 Paypal deposit of A$10,000
Carbon Credit Trading Page
Entire 1000 x 1000 pixel background image

  • One Million Pixels of your design choice, your brand, your logo
  • Lifetime display and use on
  • Live tradeable grid with 'Block size and time length' available for discussion
  • "Yes, people from around the world will be able to trade money to cover your well spent investment(brand/logo/image) with the Earth getting a double reward" a)Foundation Partner b)Lifetime of offset trading
Total Lifetime Price A$1,000,000

Pay Carbon Offset in FULL Now with e-gold...
Paypal deposit of A$10,000
Buy Both and Save 30 %
Total Lifetime Price for Both A$1,700,000

Pay Carbon Offset in FULL Now with e-gold...
 Paypal deposit of A$10,000
Naming Rights - Ready made 1 Acre Forest
We have 2 of these available for Foundation partners of with both of these semi mature forests being 1 acre in protection. Thats what is being traded here, your recognition of securing a lifetime of life for one  acre of native forest. A lifetime of growth and CO2 breathing naturally back good fresh air at approximately 730 kilograms per tree per year!

Pay Carbon Offset in FULL Now with e-gold...
 Paypal deposit of A$10,000
Ready Made Forests for Carbon Offseting
All of these items come with a 3m x 1m sign in front of your named forest that will be within visual sight of our 24/7 forest web-cams.

Total Lifetime Price A$1,000,000

Pay Carbon Offset in FULL Now with e-gold...
 Paypal deposit of A$10,000
A new forest grows Ownership of Real Estate, Trees and Chattels remain in the hands of 'Freedom Farm Foundation' who will preserve and maintain the Forests forever.
A$ = Australian Dollar

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Remember this, Global carbon dioxide emissions must fall
50 to 80 percent by 2050 to stop the planet heating up
more than 2 degrees Celsius.
(The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

Thank-you for your support!
Together, we can protect and conserve hundreds of
acres of land and further, plant thousands of trees to carbon sink
and offset global carbon dioxide as we create daily Oxygen
for 1800 people per 100 acres of conservation! *

Our mission:
What is the purpose of
Our sole purpose in existence is to allow People of all Inter-net Connected Nations
to contribute to saving the Earth from imminent dangers associated with excess Carbon pollution
by Trading in the means of visual and clickable sponsorship positions
in lieu of electronic currency notes such as PayPal & Credit Cards.

Stage One: Become established with an on-line presence.
DONE Since 2007 Paid until 2019, to be extended every five years. This is a Lifetime project.
Stage Two: Raise income savings to purchase initial property.
Current primary 10 acre Goal still Requires AUD $45,325. Help Out, trade!
Stage Three: Upgrade this website and our ODCCTV app for better social media sharing
and activating live camera streams established in stage two above.
Stage Four: Repeat stage two. This goal currently requires AUD $20,000 for 10 more forested acres
on the Coral Coast of Queensland Australia.