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Bonus for January, a YouTube selection of videos. Please enjoy and support our site by ad clicking interests that gain your attention. All things are for a reason,,,, it could be spooky ! :)

Happy New Year 2009

Happy and prosperous new year to you and your loved ones! My loved ones are also the lower Kingdoms under humankind such as the tree and plant kingdoms, birds of the air, beasts of the land and the fishes of the sea and together we humankind help these all have the best and most prosperous year in living memory. For too long we have been caring and thinking only of humankind and the Earth as a planet is so much more in control than we could ever be, and for many years we have been pushing the limits on the strain the Earth can take. We peoples prayer and Natural Evolution united, the destruction and death of Earth can be reversed into life. Yes through death comes life, it is part of the cycle we are involved in, Eternity is a very extreme long time, actually IT has no end. We keep creating with Universal Intelligence such as God in total control, your efforts, thoughts and actions will have effect, like a Butterfly in the Amazon flapping it's wings causing a ripple to create a hurricane elsewhere on the Planet. Your seed of time and optional financial support of this website is seen not only by humans that visit this site in the future, but also from the effect it protects through conservation of unique acres of Earth to continue being habitats for bird and animal life right by a sea, home to the Dugongs, Cow's of the Sea. Eating Sea-grasses that wash ashore to become compost mulch for's new vegetable garden! The carbon sequestration is not only captured by the existing trees and plants, our this brother site, will plant hundreds of new trees including Woollomi Pines, Pre-historically just discovered in late 1900's now capturing Carbon pollution from the atmosphere to lock away for hundreds of years and closing off new human home sites for ever!!! Lifetime Conservation is Lifetime! Our children's Grandchildren can enjoy the forest as God would have wanted created, well he once did and he said " It Was Good".

On a daily basis until this glory time, you can watch our live broadcasts of our two week old Beans, Cucumbers and Zucchini growing and in a few months watch our harvest. This is our quicker carbon sequestration project, FOOD! After food it is good to rest then exercise so in our Fraser Coast Conservation project we will build a 'Geriatric Circuit', extending life to beyond just good health! I'm going to start becoming old soon and would love to exercise in a Forest by the Sea, planned and conserved for All Life! Together, and will make this happen. WITH OUR WITHOUT YOUR SEEDS OF FAITH!

Also watch out in 2009 for our Marine Features. As seen on ODCC TV, we have acquired a 3.7m Aluminum Boat with a 9.9 horsepower engine to investigate and report on the heath and growth of the local mangroves, sea grasses and general Sandy Strait Habitat of the Fraser Coast and could catch a fish or two along the way. Our trading grids also provide the opportunity to support our technology upgrades for HD cameras and computer hardware for processing video. All in God's time these will be provided with or without your support. Your seeds that you do plant, will be witnessed by Him as we operate as a Marketplace Ministry, serving His Kingdom Come. In the name of our King, Jesus Christ.

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Stage Three: Upgrade this website and our ODCCTV app for better social media sharing
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Stage Four: Repeat stage two. This goal currently requires AUD $20,000 for 10 more forested acres
on the Coral Coast of Queensland Australia.