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Our local site blog contains text and video updates - tree conservation including planting progress and our site history including educationBlog
Our web log will keep you informed and updated with our mission progress of mass reforestation and habitat protection including our green electricity production, as well as providing a connection with you, our visitors and supporters who may wish to provide online feedback.
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Marine Carbon Offset Trading Grid - PRELAUNCHED

Our newest Carbon Offset Trading Grid is this, 1000 x 1000 in blocks of 25 pixels per block at AUD$ 20 per LIFETIME block with all recycled currency used to maintain and support of first Marine Vessel, "Freedom Warrior One". Pre-launched on the day we obtained our boat, December 20th, 2008. The purpose of this project is to study, research and report on the local waterways, mangroves and Dugong of the Sandy Straights. Improved video, photo and underwater tools are our high priority as is a dedicated PC equipment for publishing our 'On the Water adventures'. (Background Image coming soon, with sunnier weather. Price subject to fluctuate until final background image published, this Grid will remain LIFETIME)


Grid Change - Market Value Tonne - Price and time reduction

As Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd today advised, the cheapest carbon offset should be from around AUD$25 per tonne. I have adjusted our second trading grid to reflect this suggestion. Until today, and all purchases before today will not change. Those that paid A$160 per tonne and received two years credit will keep this. From this moment forward, this tonne can be used by some people in one day, for some people it could be used  over two months or lets say, a Carbon Offset for Christmas Lights! Two months credit for one tonne offset for AUD$25 per 40 x 40 pixel block of Carbon Offset Internet Advertising. This works out to be the best value ever offered by and what is best is buy many blocks on this same grid and they do not need to touch each other! This is a unique benefit on this grid. Maybe you want to buy 4 blocks of 4 Blocks totaling AUD$400 What an awesome idea, I look forward to other peoples concepts of selective block purchasing and seeing what designs and shapes our Carbon Offset Traders make, one block at a time or a rush of a bunch. The choice is yours, take action today and visit our Get Pixels page and start showing the world, you care.
Your link and image is your choice, use one of ours or upload your own. If you want to fill in those details later, sure, no problem, we will send you an email with a link on how to go back and update your link, text and/or image. Anytime, any amount of times within your purchased credit time, which again is displayed for 62 days on our Market Value per Tonne grid. All these funds go towards our Big Wind Turbine project, like the original background image.

Thanks for your understanding and feedback. If your happy, tell a friend or get some offset for yourself. If you have questions or feedback click on our Yahoo! button in the footer. If I'm Online, I will get it right away, If I'm off-line I will get it next time I sign in.

Happy Days,
Farmer Christian Productions Network President Founder

Official Australian carbon emission reduction targets set

Today Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has announced official 'White Paper' targets for Australia's Carbon Reduction. By 2020 he has set targets of 5 to 15% reduction in Carbon Emissions. The 5% is what Mr Rudd is committing to and 15% is what he would like to see be the Global Standard that he will follow should the world unite in this Global Emergency.

We now look forward to tomorrow's announcement from President Elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, releasing who he has decided establish his 'Green Team'. We are about to see massive change right across the existence of human beings, because we are all in this together, healing or destroying the Earth on which we live and prosper. We have always been told to care for the Earth, in the Bible's Genesis and Revelations.

Today on ODCC TV we planted out first two tree's at our new Fraser Coast location and shortly after this was recorded, I met our neighbour who asked if we could propagate a few seeds from the local area for him to later plant in front of the Holiday Home they own. Sandy Feet Holiday Home, now seen on and ! Keep watching from late January when this exclusive and unique seed planting project begins! From here till there we will find tips, tricks and essential information for seed raising and share them right here! 

Video - Discovered - Koala-Cottage | Global Warming Ground Zero

A new home for Farmer Christian (of @ Freedom Farm II including Elston Studios III right by the sea in the beautiful Fraser Coast of Queensland Australia is | Ground Zero for Global Warming.

By the bay edge the high tide slowly eats away anything in its path. So now you can watch this event happen day in day out live until the Big Storm arrives to make change happen. Introducing a new home for our Interactive Chat with Live Video stream thanks to ODCC TV ( Television |!

And to expand our Carbon Offset projects you too can B SEEN @ | Lifetime, Premium or FREE! Every seed of faith planted grows! Thank-you, please enjoy.

Video from Spring 2008 - Freedom Farm One

As SEEN on presents the completion of three years and the start of our final season at Freedom Farm I, GHM. Little did I believe it at the time, as you will see in the last few minutes, still planting a greener future!

In this video we explore the 2nd Brand New road for the very old carrigeway, we also see tree clearing from the electricity company as we walk past the Broiler (Chicken) farm on today's journey.

Be sure to visit Freedom Farm II now Broadcasting LIVE at


Calculator to Measure your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day Network has just released its newest tool to combat climate change: The new, updated, and much more fun Ecological Footprint Calculator.

In this new tool created by Global Footprint Network, you can create a three-dimensional avatar of your choosing, and tour your virtual neighborhood. Then you will be asked a series of questions about your food consumption, energy use, favorite mode of transportation, type of residence, recycling commitment, and spending habits. You can even choose to take a long version or a short version of the quiz!

The Footprint Calculator will tell you how many "planets" would be necessary to sustain human life- if everyone lived just like you, and how many acres of land and tons of carbon necessary to sustain your lifestyle. You can even revisit your quiz to see where she "went wrong", and find out how to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are a teacher or professor, encourage your students to take the quiz and experiment with the answers. An interesting, engaging and highly educational way to teach sustainability and inspire change.

A Very big thank-you to our newest Carbon Offset Traders and contributors to our Carbon Offset Projects with new trees to help us all breathe. Thank-you again, God Bless!

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