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Our local site blog contains text and video updates - tree conservation including planting progress and our site history including educationBlog
Our web log will keep you informed and updated with our mission progress of mass reforestation and habitat protection including our green electricity production, as well as providing a connection with you, our visitors and supporters who may wish to provide online feedback.
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Grid Links in Firefox 3 - Current Outage

Just my luck, I go out promoting how great is Firefox and everyone go out and download Firefox 3, and a few days later I realize by accident that all our links from the Grids no longer work. My software author in Ukraine is onto the bug to have a fix shortly. Please accept our apologies during this inconvienence. It does remind us to note that when the links work, and the  Carbon Traders List links are all SEO Direct Links to be most effective in Search Engines and Internet Archiving Robots. No data is lost and your links still work in other browsers and all links work fine in our  Carbon Traders List. I have turned on Comments while this issue is in progress(please limit or avoid just spam) and always remember that contact via mYspace is most effective for Farmer Christian, in charge of your seed planting by your recycling currency, to Pay it Forward with Carbon Offset/Internet Advertising. Thank-you for showing your support and being part of this unique new global community.

I'd like some Carbon Offset with Free Internet Advertising! Choose from Project #1 or #3!

Such is life, another day at a time, our hosting is paid for another 12 months by the Grace of God, over overdrawn Credit Card LOL Amazing how some transactions automatically go through even unexpectedly early. Just goes to show that Faith is in Sunny days and in the Storms, the outcome is always a better tomorrow, today.

Join My Community at MyBloglog!
Join My Community at MyBloglog!

10 Minute Winter Video on Freedom Farm including the Free Supporters Trees

New to is our locally produced 10 minute shortCut video filmed live without scripts here on Freedom Farm Eco-Conservation property in the Glass House Mountains. Our free supporters garden has survived a couple of major rain and wind storms without too many falling down, and those that did have been supported a little better to remain Earth Rooted. All original offcuts have survived with the majority not needing any adjusting at all. Also featuring in this video is more of the Eastern Gardens that feature much of the time at ODCC - TV (

Please Enjoy :)

Today Download Firefox3 for World Record and Safer Better Faster Webgoodness

Today is the Day the World becomes a little better with FireFox3!
Download it today to help set a world record and to improve what was already a safer, better and faster Internet Web Browser!

Download Day

Hello MyBlogLog Community!
A new Yahoo! Service growing out of control, it's that good!

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Free Supporters New Banners for you to Link to Us

These are new Link to Us banners available for your use to place on your web-sites, your blogs, myspace, facebook and any where else you want to show support of not only, your offset (free or paid) but of our entire Project to conserve, protect, enhance and produce green electricity to save Earth, together!

Video tips to save gas and fuel everyday

What a great way to start a new month, with a video including many great ways to Save Money, Gas, Fuel and the World! Bio-Diesel is appearing in many great local fuel and gas stations around the country and the world.  Take the time today to watch this, 8 minute video that may inspire you to some savings financially and environmentally and then consider the next steps you need to take to convert your vehicle to Bio-Diesel. It will be so much easier when McFuel or McEnergy will be available. Even better, Grow it at home Fuel (bio-diesel, recycle after cooking in it) - yum. Most cars don't need much change to run on used and filtered cooking and kitchen oils. It's great that Cooking Oils became semi-healthy with good choice and moderation, and now it is able to be recycled into energy to run your car. McEnergy should be electric or Air and fueled up when ordering, eating or just driving through. All totally safe, and actually beneficial for the Planet and Environment. McLove! Hey, if you don't like the "Mc", it's ok, ignore it. Focus on the Green Energy revolution.

After you have saved some financial dollars and cents from conserving fuel, why don't you invest it back here and show the world the savings you have made. Recycle your savings into conservation, tree planting and internet advertising with carbon offset trading all in one! Click Here to select your Trading grid / project to support.

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Remember this, Global carbon dioxide emissions must fall
50 to 80 percent by 2050 to stop the planet heating up
more than 2 degrees Celsius.
(The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

Thank-you for your support!
Together, we can protect and conserve hundreds of
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Our sole purpose in existence is to allow People of all Inter-net Connected Nations
to contribute to saving the Earth from imminent dangers associated with excess Carbon pollution
by Trading in the means of visual and clickable sponsorship positions
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Stage One: Become established with an on-line presence.
DONE Since 2007 Paid until 2019, to be extended every five years. This is a Lifetime project.
Stage Two: Raise income savings to purchase initial property.
Current primary 10 acre Goal still Requires AUD $45,325. Help Out, trade!
Stage Three: Upgrade this website and our ODCCTV app for better social media sharing
and activating live camera streams established in stage two above.
Stage Four: Repeat stage two. This goal currently requires AUD $20,000 for 10 more forested acres
on the Coral Coast of Queensland Australia.