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Grow a sustainable Vegetable Garden the Square Foot Way

Hello again,
I have been planning a vegetable garden for Freedom Farm in my mind since arriving, I have always wanted to establish my own and care for it and then when the harvest is due enjoy sharing the rewards of the hard work and perserverance that I expect a Vegetable garden to require. I have seen many photos of vegetable garden examples and some real life well established vegetable and herb gardens too in my travels however tonight I received a Bulletin from  Kindness of Strangers ~ Live Green saves Wildlife, a friend at mySpace that shows how easy and rewarding growing a herb and vegetable garden can be, just square foot by square foot.
The global network has discovered, Square foot vegetable Gardening for Self-sustainability by Mel Bartholomew, Originator and Author.

No more heavy digging or all-at-once harvest. Less watering, weeding, and thinning.

As seen in my favourites on youtube!

Stronger Foundation Principles in this Marketplace Ministry web site

At ODCC, with more than a Mustard Seed of Faith, we believe that “God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16 The Bible).
I/We seek to be:

  • A place of worship and praise (John 4:24; Psalm 100:2,3)
  • A place of prayer (Phil 4:6)
  • A place where God’s word is proclaimed (Psalm 119:105)
  • A place of giving (Malachai 3:10)
  • A place where people feel welcome (Mark 9:37)
  • A place of encouragement (Hebrews 10:25)

First full week of Live Broadcasting

Hello World :)
It has been a very good week with the progress of life. I have for the first time since I remember in a long time have had the hunger for real food, a purpose of food is to fuel the body and brain to work, to see results, to become what we create our destiny to be as we walk, run or stumble our way through Eternity. Before the new century, even before I graduated primary school I had a vision of what life would become, for me and for the planet upon which I live. Part of that was live video broadcast streaming to people on all continents of Earth and the prayer would be available to all Nations of Earth. A united region has been fought over for all time so for a whole Planet of human individuals to come together as one Earth seemed impossible. All through my life I have learned that with a Faith, sized tiny like a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible for who I have Faith in as Provider which is, what caused so many wars before. One creator, can never be more, impossible to be less.

This week through the Grace of God, I have been able to semi-daily broadcast live video streaming, direct from Freedom Farm here in the Glass House Mountains. Live and Without Scripts. Quality improvements were slowly made as the week progressed and our first purposed produced Live Episode was created. Each Monday and Friday at 2pm local ( Brisbane EST AU) I will broadcast dangerously live, the "Sunshine Coast City RealEstate Show". For more information on this see my real estate contact point, specialising in the southern NEW and Expanded "Sunshine Coast Regional Council" boundaries, including Mooloolah Valley and Mooloolaba by the beach. We have both your country, hinterland and coast lifestyle waiting to be discovered. If you are looking at relocating to South East Queensland, and prepared to have infrastructure built around you ( including JOBS) for the next 20 years, then this is the Place. Protected by the beauty of the many Glass House Mountain National Parks as well as many traditional Gubbi Gubbi protected lands. Whether you are a young family ready for your future ahead or a older generation ready to unwind and relax in peaceful serenity my RealWay property Consultant friends can help you. Tell Michael or Peter or one of the team that Farmer Christian sent you for a 1% discount.

All of my broadcasts are recorded so you have the ability to move through time at your leisure to see what else I have been doing such as working in the front gardens and also general life happening in the background of the fish tank reflection. Again, this is the first week of working on improvements and the biggest short comings I have are 1) Laptop processing abilities and 2) My max 128kbps upload speed :( I am in an area without ADSL2 and it is $30 more per month for small speed increase. I will work on things for best production as time passes day by day.

Hasn't the world had an exciting week too. Starting with the Burma/Myanmar cyclone, the challenge to get the Olympic torch to the summit of Mt. Everest and the the Earth shaking through southern China devastating cities, to the point that now they are archaeological ruins, brand new ones. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by Earth Changes. Friends, still whatever the situation, be in Christ's Spirit. We will hear of it working in all Earth Change affected areas of Earth. Which reminds me, Happy Anniversary to Israel for 3 score of Nationhood. Which brings me to a thought I had earlier today about the time clocks; BC, BCE, AD, IC which is time coming. Yes. Mr McCain (Presidential Candidate U.S.A) says his vision is in the first month of that first year of I.C which represents In Christ because at first it was Before Christ then After Death and now we know and have much much evidence we can and should declare time is Now, In Christ. He in us, I in Him. Together, united with our Father Again, Evolved enough to understand. At first, we had to climb a mountain to reach God. Then, God came down to walk with us through the Valleys, now we realise we take him everywhere, for he is already there. Two places. One Time. Quantum Life. Living in Love is living in creation at the Speed of Light. We are all Super Human with Christ's nothing is Impossible attitude and reality. Try it.

This blog post confirms that I am now free from the governmental requirement to not share philosophy or religion. I share both and neither at the same time. I'm just sharing my True experience shared with global friends. That is what it's all about isn't it, sharing love with friends?

Thanks for reading, hope life is good or getting better for you today. Any turn around in life starts with your decision in your head without any words coming out your mouth. But as words do come out your mouth, they are creating what and who you are. Do you need new words, new book or just a period of quiet listening and no talking. Self Talk creates self, 24/7 Be a Ware, be in control.

Until next time, love, Farmer Christian :)

P.S. Be sure to bookmark to remember to visit which is ODCC TV

Major personal changes effect this site

Hello World,
It's Farmer Christian, personally writing a update of personal changes that will effect this site and all our projects.  Yesterday my housemate, garden assistant and friend Michael moved on to a new life closer to his chosen field of real estate career and further away from a life where people on the other side of the globe may see him or know of him via this and other of our affiliated web-sites. This is fair enough and for me to pursue this course of action of living alone, I must and do believe very strongly on what I am doing here. From this week, I will Broadcast via as much as 12 hours, or more per day live! I have today chosen to remain with 'odcc' instead of 'freedom4life' as my heart says that is my destiny. ODCC is shorter and easier to remember too. Until tomorrow, sleep well, green dreams!

As seen on jumpcut: continues to produce fresh oxygen from Freedom Farm in Glass House Mountains even though the Government assistance project has deemed the business non-commercially viable and terminated financial assistance. Also other major personal changes have happened concerning the future of including Productions... Farmer Christian's life and work will never be the same. In this shortCut video, change happens, recorded live and without scripts over a few days, Passion and Purpose have taken control...

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