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Earth Day 2008 comes with termination

At 4:11pm on Monday afternoon, we were informed by our project mentor that after our first quarters financial result, is deemed Not- Commercially Viable and the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme contract is terminated.
The following video will show and tell my feelings. I look forward to the Australia 2020 goal of all new homes to be carbon neutral. And | Global Carbon Trading is not viable? Commercially not. I will accept this, and continue trading in faith. Not for my selfish needs, but for the needs of a better, safer, healthier Earth.

Not Commercially Viable

"Commercially Viable" means the Business is likely to provide a net income at least equal to the single, 21 or over, no children rate of Newstart Allowance, or such other rate as notified by DEWR (Department of Employment and Workplace Relations) in writing from time to time, by the end of 52 weeks from the Commencement Date for each Participant in the Business.

Clause 17
You must at all times fully cooperate with your NEIS Provider and DEWR in relation to the assessing whether your Business is Commercially Viable. Your NEIS Provider will assess whether you Business is Commercially Viable at times you provide your NEIS Provider with your second and third NEIS Income Statements/financial information as set out in clause 14(d). Your NEIS Provider may also assess whether your Business is Commercially Viable as any time. The Commonwealth may terminate this Agreement, including your NEIS Allowance, if your Business is assessed as not Commercially Viable at any time.

"Mentor Support" may include assistance with the development of the Business; business advice about the organisational, financial and marketing issues; and referral, where necessary, to specialist business professionals for additional advice and assistance (the cost of which is met by you).

Current Wind Farm Alpha progress

This shortCut video filmed live without scripts at Freedom Farm in April of 2008 includes our wind turbine progress and also how the back forest is growing. Our Wind Farm Alpha (Grid 3) project is waiting on supporters to fund further investment and begin green electricity production. N.E.I.S. funding of has resumed.

Video today in Freedom Farm Forest

This morning I began filming a Magpie calling out from the trees near our current studio/home. From this point looking towards the rear of the property we can see where the Electrical Cables are connected and waiting for our wind turbine projects to progress. Later in the afternoon we continued today's film up the back fence where the main tree conservation on this property is located. Our future depends entirely on people such as you reading this blog entry, can you support financially or simply by word of mouth, tell someone you know that would like to support this Carbon offset project, a one of the kind. I, Farmer Christian, doing it all, for our grand-children's, grandchildren. Convert and recycle your currency here, self service. I'll continue to film, films like this and as the project becomes funded expect our video quality to go High Definition. But first, the bills need to be paid, support our two free grids, with paid blocks to make this video upgrade quicker. Donations are also welcome, via posting to LPO Box 4, Glass House Mountains, Q AU 4518. Enjoy the video update.

Enviromental Green laptop computers for Earth Day

As Earth Day is only one day a year, we can do something that makes a green environmental difference each and every day like using environmentally friendlier laptops like these Sony Vaio TZ's available right now from
All Sony Vaio TZ's are GREEN and ePEAT certified, plus Free Shipping

Also from
Earth Day Books - Think GREEN!

Purchasing items via these links will provide commission to this website.

Video updates from Freedom Farm

Within the past twelve hours, I have discovered a new online video editing suite that has been able to do what youTube stopped short of achieving. by Yahoo! is in Beta and I have found to be simple, efficient and productive! It took only minutes to compile these 'shortCuts' of the farm filmed Easter 2008.

Easter 2008 in our top bromeliad garden, Freedom Farm Glass House Mountains.

Climate change includes sudden downpours of rain such as this post Easter rain event filmed live without scripts, using a Motorola A920/5 mobile phone handset (upgrade overdue).

On the following morning, after the heavy rain we visit our central bromeliad gardens, that have featured in a number of shortCuts and recent test broadcasts.

Top Ten Energy Saving Tips for April's

Top Ten Energy Saving tips for April!

Here's 10 tips to get you started saving energy today. You may have read or heard them before, have you done any of them yet? Don't just hear and forget, take a little action, even just tick one off the list, do it today.
  1. Turn off lights and switch your bulbs. Turning off the lights when you leave a room or office and switching to compact fluorescent bulbs can make a big difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And it saves you money in energy costs.
  2. Drive less. Cars contribute a high percentage of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. Next time you go out, think about walking, riding your bike or taking public transport instead. It's better for your health and the planet and your local community, consider a walking school bus to get your children to and from school. And it saves you money in energy costs.
  3. Switch off standby. As much as 10% of your home's emissions may be from appliances like computers, televisions and other home entertainment devices left on standby. Try to always turn off appliances at the source. And it saves you money in energy costs.
  4. Insulate your body. Look for ways to keep warm in winter without heating. Wear a coat instead of turning up the heat.
  5. Open the window, turn off the air conditioning. Air conditioning is a great contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In summer, open your window, use a fan instead of air conditioning, and turn off air conditioning when not at home. Use blinds to shade direct sunlight to reduce heating inside. Remember, Heat always rises, create a natural cool flow through your home.
  6. Check your tires. Inflating your car's tyres to their proper level means the car runs more efficiently, uses less energy and produces fewer harmful emissions. And it saves you money in energy costs.
  7. Conserve water. Use less water when possible. Install a rainwater tank or even a grey water system that channels water from showers and baths to toilet and garden systems. We do on Freedom Farm and the gardens thrive.
  8. Pay bills online. Paying your bills online saves paper, transport energy and time.
  9. Fly less. Take international trips sparingly and make the most of local destinations. Do business remotely with conference or Skype calls. This will mean fewer flights, less travel time and savings of up to 10 tonnes of emissions per international trip. If you need to fly, consider neutralising your flight emissions on one of our Trading Grids, then watch your offset grow. And it saves you money in energy and transport costs.
  10. Buy local. Buy food and other products that are grown and produced locally to reduce emissions from transportation and to support your local community. Check local community boards for 'Farmers Markets' for the freshest foods. Local also means within just your country when possible. If you don't grow it, learn to(at home).

If we have been able to help save you money in energy costs, please strongly consider investing the savings into a Carbon offset project at and show the world you care. Thank-you.

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