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It's EARTH HOUR tonight 8 PM

Around the world at 8pm tonight people will be switching their lights off in the response every human on Earth needs to take to combat climate change, which is, by switching off Lights ( or anything electrical really) when not in use it results in saving money and saving the pollution created by the power plants as the electrical demand reduces.

Everyone and anyone can join in and participate, 8pm local time switch off Lights for One Hour. Earth Hour.

Today it came to me the idea that people will save money this Earth Hour and this money could be invested in carbon offsetting here at by purchasing Earth Hour blocks. Mark the moment and invest in one of our projects. Your choice whether you spend One Dollar or no Dollars or AUD $5000 per block. Every ounce of support helps as you will see when we all switch lights off, it doesn't take much action for big results. Remember, 8pm, lights off tonight, Match 29th 2008!

Click here to quickly discover which grids have Free carbon offset blocks!

How you and I Carbon Offset together- it takes two

It does take two, me and you.
For every block of carbon offsets you buy, you will be helping Australian native wildlife through reforestation and avoided deforestation projects, that is, creating new, AND saving old habitats.

When we fly, drive or put on the air conditioner for example we produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the form of CO2.  Offsetting simply means that you pay for your emissions to be neutralised elsewhere, do unto the Earth as you would like the Earth to do unto you, that came before treating other people as you expect to be treated.

By planting trees CO2 released by you into the atmosphere can be harnessed, through the natural process of photosynthesis (carbon sequestration). And by saving trees carbon sequestration just carries on! Year in and year out, the natural process of the natural Elements will balance and restore Earths beauty and health, one day and one year at a time. My vision is my grandchildren will one day visit 200 year old trees, reserved, conserved for their children to see the trees age to over 300 years. If we are going to dream positive, dream big positive together.

Reforestation Projects

Trees planted by abatement projects on your behalf are all native species.

Many native bird and mammal species rely on native trees for food  shelter and  breeding.  These birds include Rosellas, Kookaburras, Galahs and Lorikeets.  Mammals include Brushtail and Ringtail Possums, as well as Feathertail and Sugar Gliders. All these animals call Freedom Farm, Glass House Mountains home, or stop off zone for a quick drink or feed on their migrations.

Listen to them here: Good Friday 2008
Butterfly and Birdcalls

As our projects become funded by you, we want to take you on our conservation journey  in video, photos and interactive  internet TV broadcasting. We are a young enterprise, setting sail on this epic adventure at the right time, in an open and transparent example of Carbon Offset Farming. Please plant your seed by uploading your image and link from our Get Credits page. Then bookmark us, rss subscribe to this blog, settle back and enjoy watching your offset come to life and grow. You can also find Farmer Christan on

Earth Day is almost here - Find out how many acres your footprint is

I have been stumbling a few websites tonight and quickly discovered this web site, part of the Earth Day Network. has a quick quiz that you can quickly find out your carbon footprint. The questions asked to calculate your carbon footprint is the most comprehensive and accurately described compared to what I have used to date. Global awareness of the effort needed by many is spreading quickly around the planet as we experience ever more stronger climate change events. The day of saying global warming is going to kill us has died off, as 2007 was more like global cooling. Climate Change and Earth Changes are happening. By your pre-education of how to live a greener life should the very worst happen, we know by our mistakes and how to not make them again. I Hope. Whatever our efforts are now, with time, they will compound into something. Good efforts or bad. As for my footprint, since starting this project it has reduced to below the average from about the average. Switching off power-points and lights when not in use, not only saves money, its saves the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

FOOD 1.9


Every Block on our Big Conservation Picture carbon offset trading grid will protect 10 acres (4.04 Hectares)
of Australian Native Bushland forever. Find a group and together, protect as much of Earth as possible.

How many planets does it take for your current habits? Do the quick quiz at today.

More Trees saved with Conservation after our Carbon Offset Trading Grid Review

With a review in our trading transparency and value offered to our traders, we have reviewed all of our Trading Grids. With great pleasure and excitement we can still offer free and $1 carbon offset credits to fit any advertising or Climate Change budget! No Excuses for not supporting these projects, we have even increased the time limit before expiry.
A new reason why you should now financially recycle some electronic currency here at is to save the planet Earth directly via our revamped Big Conservation Picture trading grid which will protect for life, 10 acres of real world land for each 200 x 200 pixel block sold! Once this grid has sold out, we will have protected over 250 acres of land, for life! Your personal lifetime benefit is the uploaded image and link you will obtain for each Block on our trading grid. The quicker the blocks are sold, the more acres per dollar we can achieve.
Most importantly, I'd like to ask you the reader to please, help support this site by telling your friends and everyone you know, that wants free, cheap and environmentally valuable advertising on the internet to visit as soon as possible! Use our banners and links in 'Link to Us'

How big is your EGO when it comes to saving the planet? Learn More..

NEIS Agreement suspended

In the early afternoon yesterday, I was called and notified that my NEIS Agreement (this site and my life's financial funding) is suspended for a number of reasons, including possible fraud, prove climate change and global warming is connected with Carbon Dioxide therefore Carbon Credit trading, is it to become fraud too?  What are customers buying, Earth dirt or virtual pixel space. Its called advertising. With a good outcome purpose. ? unique hey, no big launch parties or flashy Bling Bling.

Late last night on Television, the founder of the American, 'the weather channel' appeared on Fox News, asking similar questions of Al Gores research, from 'An Inconvenient Truth' and strong Global Warming education via the media and concerts like Live Earth.

All income generated from 'Blocks of Pixel Space' sold here at will go to the project that trading grid is supporting(as stated in 'get credits buy page'). I will review and refresh wording through out this site in the coming days. For Clarity. All transactions are legal and the greatest benefit is advertising link time, from our site to yours. The invisible, it takes time, benefits still will be Universal in reward. Buy here with open heart of helping Earths Long Term sustainable future via land conservation, green energy creation and public climatic earth change awareness via the Internet including virtual world realities.

Farmer Christian is the founder and your virtual tour guide through our future growth. Site management fees are generated from Grid 5 and other on-site revenue such as Google Advertising and Association with and and possible other affiliated relationships.

Live Online Broadcasting trials begin

As part of our project of reforestation and green energy production, we also have a vision of education and entertainment while saving the planet. As from yesterday, the vision of broadcasting live audio and video using the internet became possible with the creation of a channel at - the odcc channel (One Dollar Carbon Credits). I have not decided exactly where it fits into the site here, however, there is no rush. Still no financial contributions have been made to this site site establishment. All used block space is still freebies or administration. With the regular broadcasts we will create, our planet saving popularity. I think now maybe it is too late, maybe this universe has been telling me something, people messed up too bad.

Breaking News: NEIS Project suspended - Watch this space.

Watch live video from odcc's test channel on

Faith in deeds required to fertilize Freedom Forests

In Faith, Freedom Forests needs fertilizer of your currency, your coins and your gold and your green backs.
No tax deductions are applicable as this is a giving of Faith, not of Tax credit.
It is a gift of faith you can invest into this entire Planet. Not just to save a life, not just to provide a meal on a plate, but to contribute to the changing the people hearts and minds on the importance of caring for our planet and making change.

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