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Spring Electricity Bill - Big saving made

Shortly after I started our home office electricity bill arrived at the highest amount used ever in my unrecorded history. Read about it here, our continue reading for our progress. Our progress is fantastic as my house mate and I were able to reduce the amount used by well over 50% !
The figures are:

Before and After electricity usage review and semi daily monitoring, 2 people
  KwH used Combined
Peak and Off Peak
AUD $$$ Average Daily Cost SAVINGS
Winter 4867 A$692.65 A$7.61 91 days
Spring 1959 A$275.10 A$2.90 95 days A$417.55

A$4.40 per day!
It didn't take much effort to get these results. The first item that went was our leaking freezer seals. I still stand by the thought and understanding that replacing fridge and freezer seals is much more environmentally friendly than discarding the fridge freezer and purchasing a new one, even if the new is a few energy rating stars better... The gases produced in creating a brand new fridge, the shipping and delivery and then the disposal of the old unit, which needs special consideration of disposal in some cases regarding the gases used to cool the unit down, out weights the destruction of an old fridge. We had a new fridge provided by my house mates parents after a good purchase on eBay. Another co-incidence in time. My future thoughts will reveal the fridge I'd like to next own and use at Freedom Forests. Bit of a field tester in home inter-networking and maintenance. Watch this space. (Subscribe to RSS)

Daily monitoring was the real winner that helped reduce our usage, as by the second month I could see routines and average daily usage patterns appear. A day with air-conditioning stood out as did nights leaving the air-conditioning and spa running show up. It did simply raise our awareness to compensate by remembering a little harder to 'switch off' when not in use, think of it like the old zen parable about the Tree falling in the woods, if no-one is around to hear the tree falling does it make any sound if there is no-one to hear the sound. Of Course there is sound, animals, creatures and the air dynamics around the tree felt the sound waves including audible ones. When a room is empty, does anyone need the lights to see? In most cases not, and if so, say for safety sake, think about New technology. From new power saving light bulbs to pre-thinking and pre-wiring before your next build. Just a tiny L.E.D can be enough on the darkest of nights.
Consider if we had a simple wind turbine installed, these costs could be reduced to Zero. First things first. As a habit only takes about 14 to 21 days to form, after 3 months of reviewing electricity usage via recording the meter readings, turning lights off and not over using electricity when I need high power, has become second nature, as you may have well read, it has become more than second nature, it has become my second chance in Life. Adult Life. This Life. My first went from 18-32 and now the second stage in Adult life started this year at 33 and will run I hope until I die, or evolve out of my fleshy body and into the celestial galaxies beyond cyberspace.

I was out for a walk this morning around the base of Mount Tibrogaran as we have had much of a decent fall of rain in the past few days so many streams and mini waterfalls that rarely flow had signs of running water in them, actually much flowing water, looking crystal clear purified by action of flowing down 300 plus meters of rock face, composed similar to sandstone. Very, very old rock. I spent much of my thoughts focused on the future Freedom Forests with the live cameras both in the tree tops and forest base to be sure to capture both action locations. I have not taken macro photos (very close up) in over twelve months and this would need to be available on the remote forest cameras we eventually have. The walk also reminded me how lucky I am that I can enjoy forest walks in clean air while many of my readers and overseas friends can only escape into the forests of Warcraft and virtual realms and realities while out in the real world, I didn't need any weapons with me, just a stick for the Killer spider's webs. LOL yeah, Australia is a funny country like that. So peace-full yet so deadly without respect. I didn't see any snakes today, I expected they would be on the move later in the day (like now) when it is hotter. Again, sometimes snakes here are safe while others are on the Top 10 deadliest list. I'm use to that sort of fear in the far back of my mind because if you let your fears come to the forefront they can over power and restrict freedom in life. Many years ago on my dads Tandy 1000, playing an early flight simulator I became hooked to the alternate universe a virtual reality game creates, I could of become a addict then, I struggled for a few years passing an Amiga 500 addict box, then nothing, until 1994, my uncles old and discarded Laptop of Windows 3.1 with, the Internet! A decade later it's almost Windows Vista, hopefully a fine view after dirty broken windows... hehe... I still use windows XP.  No next decision has been made what I will actually use when it is Virtual Reality Time, but the decision that has been made is the confirmation that whatever I use will have Awesome, out of this world, graphic handling capacity to project a virtual world (like IMVU or SecondLife) onto my walls and become totally immersed in a Virtual Community. Freedom Forests will then, must then, be virtual as well as In Real Life. Sounds like a good plan to me, be nice to say it will be online by say December 2008, but timing is out of my control. I don't print the money or forge the Gold Coins. You could of course recycle some of your extra funds here as carbon offset credits? I want this project yesterday, but have a full life ahead of me to create reality, so thanks for being part of it. You can play a part at home remember, and get free money for it, well it's your money, you just don't burn it for nothing, switch extra lights off, go to bed early, use your power saving features in your computer! Save your own expense, save our community planet, In Real Life! If you want to discover more about me, Farmer Christian, then visit my home away from home,, Seven Years of Solo Webmaking, building up for Adult Life Part II - In creation, now!. As is an electrical storm outside brewing.

Think Green until next time,
Farmer Christian

Australian Interest rates rise - No Worries

Hello :)
As most financial commentaries had suggested, the Reserve Bank of Australia has lifted official interest rates by 0.25% today as inflation is getting out of control. Yes Inflation is out of control because fuel and oil supplies that effect almost everything has been out of control for too many months and as a result we pay more Interest to our banks. Pretty crappy yes. However all things are in perfect timing so people who have only considered environmental footprint cut backs have a powerful in the wallet reason to switch off and drive less. If by simple changes in our daily lives we can save money and help the environment, make the change! If you can walk, take the time, walk. If you can car pool to school or work, car pool. I know you can turn lights, tvs, radios, dvds, vcr, playstations, anything electrical off at the powerpoint when not in use, then you will save expenses, to assist paying your monthly mortgage allowing you to keep your house and ride through the storm. When the rates eventually do come down again, the environmental footprint savings you have made become a surplus to either, reward your dedication to whats important, or use this extra saving to pay extra off your mortgage to allow you to pay it off sooner, saving interest in the long term. Use this interest rate rise to re-balance your budget, and consider the Earth as a financial saving point.

Until next time,
Farmer Christian

P.S Did you know we have a TV show in production at mySpace, featuring this website and our projects.

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