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NEWS FLASH! Certificate IV Business plan approved for Global Carbon Trading

It is official, as of Thursday November 29th, 2007 the '' business plan was approved by the Australian Government's, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations in conjunction with the efforts by Andrew and Loren of Sarina Russo Business College, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program.

What this means is, the previous Liberal John Howard Government in hand-over partnership agreement with Kevin Rudd's new Labor Government financially supports and backs this Global Carbon Trading web-site Enterprise, for a minimum of 12 months, unless we fail to produce a profit within 3 Months! Yes, this website must now start doing as it's promised to do which is convert Global currencies and precious metals into Fresh Air Breathing forests and green electricity produced by wind turbines, supplementing the National Grid to reduce the demands and need for Coal and Nuclear power stations. Our company may start as a drop in the pond, with time, our drops combined becomes a great ocean, great change to reverse the damage our global lifestyle has on the planet, still our only home.

This also signals the end of our Beta testing period, we have been successful with test payments and we have had new Carbon Traders join, upload their images and links successfully. To this date, $0 has been converted to save the planet, thank-you for those that have still shown free support and have mentioned us on their Blog.  We plan to keep this site evolving as much as possible as technology changes, however the base principle of trading grids will remain the same, our future goals include 'sister' sites to provide content such as live web camera streaming from the efforts produced from Trading on this site, "Farm Cam". In 100 years time, our forest will open to the public to enjoy in peace, good spirits and good health. Until that time, it will remain a virtual forest, available to visit only from the Internet and Google Earth(when it shows up from space). The cleaner air started two years ago when our founder Christian Curtis settled his first, "Freedom Farm" in Glass House Mountains Australia and during this time discovered the health benefits of fresh air produced by existing and new vegetation rehabilitation. From a great drought this journey fueled with faith presses on towards, Freedom Forest™ a legacy for our future generations, historically, showing who in the world cares enough for this planet to invest just a few bucks offsetting pollution already created. People of Earth, you are in Carbon Debt, Offset credit will balance the scales. Do the fresh thing.

Thank-you for your future support from the whole team behind | Global Carbon Trading for everyone

Happy Thanksgiving - Another reason to offset

Happy Thanksgiving to our visitors from the United States of America. I just saw on CNN seeing how many people travel at this time of year, whether that travel is via Airplanes, Trains, cars, buses or trucks, they are all creating a shorter lifespan of Earth, unless this Thanksgiving mood has you giving some extra gratitude not only to your family and country but to the entire planet as a whole... Carbon Credits Trading gives you that ability from as little a One Dollar, which covers about the visit to our web-page, so give generously, buy a bigger Block and lets aim for 1000 new trees planted by New Years Eve 2007/8!

Afforestation and Biodiversity

Mission Project One: Afforestation and Biodiversity is an Australian organisation focused on the regeneration and reforestation of Australia. Our first project is afforestation (planting new forests) and biodiversity (not just one tree type, but a whole community of plants and animals, build it and they will come). Grow it and the Earth will change.

Support this website and we will make it happen, right here on the worlds most unique Carbon Trading environment.  You are not dealing with a multi-million dollar organisation running from expensive offices in cities with humans on expensive high wages, your dealing with the Farmer, we own the land, we plant the tree, we share its growth via the internet. My older brother is a forest farmer who regenerated property near the maybe to be flooded Mary River dam, the Australia's only northern flowing river. Now it is my turn, taking his lessons and my mission to create a new millennium forest for the next Century! 2107 is only 100 years away when the Freedom Forest(TM) will open to the public. Until then keep an eye on this website for all the sneak peeks and behind the scenes news and video of this massive project we have embarked on.

I would like to throw out a massive hello and thank-you to our new members over last week, welcome, thanks for your support and please, visit our 'Link to Us' feature to get your banners and links to help share your support and contribution you've made to saving Earth, before 2012. Global Carbon Credit Trading - Take action today!

G'day Amigos!

Video - Day Two of Certificate IV in Business

Yes, the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme - Australian Government) program has began with this video being produced on the second day.

We have now reached the final Week of the course with my business plan in final draft process and budgets for the next two years written heres another 60secondvideo from last week

And finally we have another 60 second video this one Named: From NEIS to Trees

Holidays Lights set to music - The little drummer boy

I have always enjoyed the little drummer boy song and this was my quick youtube search result, The Little Drummer Boy in sync with holiday lights on a house. If you now feel a little guilty using holiday / Christmas lights because of the Carbon and greenhouse gasses it produces, then here is your Household Carbon Offset Headquarters! If you wanted to link your own Youtube video to your carbon credit blocks, you can do that too! WOW! What a great idea... it could get a lot more ratings! Enjoy.

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