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Learning about Electricity

Some more basic behind How Electricity works:

A generator is a simple device that moves a magnet near a wire to create a steady flow of electrons.

One simple way to think about a generator is to imagine it acting like a pump pushing water along. Instead of pushing water, however, a generator uses a magnet to push electrons along. This is a slight over-simplification, but it is nonetheless a very useful analogy.

There are two things that a water pump can do with water:

  • A water pump moves a certain number of water molecules.
  • A water pump applies a certain amount of pressure to the water molecules.

In the same way, the magnet in a generator can:

  • push a certain number of electrons along
  • apply a certain amount of "pressure" to the electrons
In an electrical circuit, the number of electrons that are moving is called the amperage or the current, and it is measured in amps. The "pressure" pushing the electrons along is called the voltage and is measured in volts. So you might hear someone say, "If you spin this generator at 1,000 rpm, it can produce 1 amp at 6 volts." One amp is the number of electrons moving (1 amp physically means that 6.24 x 1018 electrons move through a wire every second), and the voltage is the amount of pressure behind those electrons.

Volts * Amps = Watts

Say your appliance is using 1,200 watts. That is 1.2 kilowatts -- a kilowatt is 1,000 watts. If you leave the space heater on for one hour, you will use 1.2 kilowatt-hours of power. If your power company charges you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, then the power company will charge you 12 cents for every hour that you leave your space heater on.

    1.2 kilowatts * 1 hour = 1.2 kilowatt-hours

    1.2 kilowatt-hours * 10 cents per kilowatt-hour = 12 cents

The three most basic units in electricity are voltage (V), current (I) and resistance (r). As discussed previously, voltage is measured in volts, and current is measured in amps. Resistance is measured in ohms.

Batteries, fuel cells and solar cells all produce something called direct current (DC). The positive and negative terminals of a battery are always, respectively, positive and negative. Current always flows in the same direction between those two terminals.

The power that comes from a power plant, on the other hand, is called alternating current (AC). The direction of the current reverses, or alternates, 60 times per second (in the U.S.) or 50 times per second (in Europe, for example). The power that is available at a wall socket in the United States is 120-volt, 60-cycle AC power.

The big advantage that alternating current provides for the power grid is the fact that it is relatively easy to change the voltage of the power, using a device called a transformer. By using very high voltages for transmitting power long distances, power companies can save a lot of money.

(SOURCE - How stuff works)

A store for products to show your a proud Carbon Trader

Proud to Trade Carbon Credits and proud to save the Earth with :)

I have only adjusted previous prices to a $3 markup! Thats it, $3 per item in our current store found at

I'll post some images here to update you on our progress on stickers, mugs, caps, shirts, posters, prints and much more of what will be available soon.

Also I had an issue today with 'comments' on this blog with the Captcha Image not showing, I will see if problem persists, if so please accept my apologies.

Be safe and well.

Regular Green Living Tips - other ways you can save the planet

Marketing and Advertising this website

To let the world know, find and discover this website steps have been taken to promote and market over the internet starting of course with Google and main search engines.

It is a constant process of promoting a new website until it reaches a point where the balance of 'my promoting' VS 'your promoting' tips over and the real life of the website takes to life.
Today I have listed the site under Business Ethics and Responsibilities at
and, Changing the Way the World Looks at the Internet!

New Grids including more instructions

As this our first month progresses we have added two new grids, the first is for Really Serious Traders with A$5,000 per block on The Big Picture Grid, which helps secure land for this Offset Project. The second new grid which I have only uploaded today in direct response to feedback we have received is a 'Tutorial' type grid offering simple instructions to understand what the sites purpose and benefit is. This site is mid range at A$100 per block and will hold your images and links for 3 years. Most of this grid is reserved for instructional purposes. ** GET in quick for the largest positions as I have only reserved 3 locations and I can think of a couple more to add. **

I have been progressing well in Certificate IV in Small Business Start Up and a solid Multi Year Business Plan is 40% complete. We have added our Australian Business Number to the footer of each page. You may have also seen me recently on - Hello Fellow MySpace peoples :D

I have been doing daily monitoring of our electricity usage here and since we have replaced our refrigerator we have reduced our consumption for last 91 days of 3904 Kwh to an estimated 910 Kwh if we keep our new current consumption at 10Kwh per day. We have also reduced the lights and stand-by items(dvd, vcr etc) we have running when not in use.

Here's our recent feedback:

"I don't understand what Carbon Credits are or why I need them"
Ben C - Queensland, Australia

Thanks Ben, I have added the new grid "What are Carbon Credits" to graphically show how easy it works. If you look in our updated "Get Credits" page, the fifth grid explains technically what Carbon Credits are and that may clarify how this new type of 'good karma' currency can benefit people and the planet. The main benefit is two fold, 1)  You buy space on this site that other visitors here can see YOUR logo or image with a live direct link to YOUR website (positive for your existing and finding new customers/friends, if your site uses one of our 'I'm a Carbon Trader' images on your website, it becomes credible when people visit the Trading grid and sees your logo and size contribution. 2) The money you have spent advertising yourself on our site is 100% Offset in Renewable Energy Projects, this may also have other benefits depending on your country, see your local Emissions Trading Authority in your region if/once established.

P.S. mySpace and facebook type sites are great places to tell your friends and world your a Carbon Trader! Bulletin it!

21% of all the carbon dioxide pollution in the U.S. comes from energy used in homes. (source)

Awesome News - Certificate IV Small Business Management

The synchronicity behind this site over the past week has been absolutely amazing! Since a self agreement to drop the shackles and chains holding my life back and in a Christ filled spirit all the past bondage and self punishment is annihilated. As the blog shows, the Secret works in the same way as trusting in Christ, which is always Victorious, combining the two makes life sense. This morning I had a very strong urge to visit 'a Job network office' in Caboolture to follow up on the NEIS^ application made 29 August 2007(Day 1), however with strong thunderstorms around I didn't go into the offices, however a couple of hours later Andrew from the 'that office' called to advise the application had been successful and tomorrow is the first day of training and induction to initially complete this Web-sites business plan further and Certificate IV in Small Business Management. After this 9 to 13 week course the application will be reviewed again, this time by the NEIS^ Advisory Committee for their recommendation and comment. The journey towards a Green Electricity wind farm via Carbon Credits has taken another major leap forward and on the day following my decision that the site should now come out of Beta :) Keep watching and make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed to follow this journey to the top! "I see you from the Top"

^ New Enterprise Incentive Scheme

P.S. Attention spam posters I.P.s are recorded and passed to authorities automatically.

Freedom Farm Videos

In 2005 when I founded Freedom Farm I was using a mobile phone Motorola A920 to do my videos, I was also new to uploading and converting of these videos and therefore some may have horrible picture quality which I apologise in advance about. Future videos produced in response to success of this site will be much improved especially for actual Turbine Construction where we may invite a Subscription Television Network to capture the event. Until then, keep up your efforts of reducing Carbon and buy more credits to show your support and save the earth!

As Winter 2005 concluded a new Chapter began in my life, my own home. As simple as it is, the dreams have been strong enough to find the land and the location to accomplish my lifelong goals in a uniquely Australian environment! Freedom Farm is surrounded by the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains along the original track used during the exploration and settlement of Australia. Freedom Farm began as a dream escape project during 1999 during the uncertain times of Y2K and has evolved to a multi-location Farm Network, with this location being Number One.

A couple minutes of driving music then on the Farm on a very bored afternoon.

Five 60secondVideos connected as One. In a time I was disconnected and issolated from The Internet, the passion to create and share my world becomes my world.

Freedom Farm - Magpie Song

Winter Electricity Bill

The Electricity Bill for the Farm has just come in I have fallen to the floor, my kilowatts are out of control! Over the months and years to come I look forward to one day getting a negative use bill, a bill where my electricity company pays me!
For 91 Days we used 4867 kilowatts costing AUD$692.65 average daily cost A$7.81

What more can I say ?!

How a Wind Turbine Works - Video Animation

More from youTube:

Proven Wind Turbine on Rural Farm

Robust Proven Wind turbine helps family in Scotland receive renewable energy and electricity from the wind. The worlds most robust wind turbine was a safe bet as the life time is expected to last 50 years and breaking even just after 8 years.

Energy Source Comparison

Energy Source Comparison (source)

Fuel Source Cost/kWh Market Share
Wind (Mass Megawatts MAT) 2.5¢ (2) ---
Wind (pre MAT) 4.5¢(2) 1%
Coal 4.0¢ 50%
Nuclear 15.0¢ 20%
Natural Gas 5.5¢ 10%
Petroleum 5.0¢ 3%
Hydroelectric 4.5¢(1) 12%
Solar 10¢ 0.5%±
Diesel 7¢ - 40¢(3) 0.5%±
Biomass 0.5%±

(1) 2¢ at good hydroelectric sites
(2) in 15 mph average wind speed conditions
(3) depending on size and location of facility, with smaller
     more remote locations having higher costs

Learning about wind power

This morning I have been exploring youTube to build my understanding of Wind Turbines and power generation. I came across many videos that have direct interest to this site and our projects here so I have saved them in my Freedom Farm folder. I have selected three videos that I will place at the end of this entry. I also came across much technical information about power generation for those that instead of wanting to support our Green Offset they want to build their own Free Energy device.

Output depends entirely on wind speed, windy days will yeild more power.

smaller units 5'-10' average 50-500 watts
larger units 11'-20' produce on average between 500 watts-up
(professionally 21' and larger up to 7.5 Kw and up)

Power is defined as the rate at which work is done or energy is consumed. The formula for average power is acquired by dividing work by the time needed to perform work: P = W/t. Power has units of newton-meters per second or joules per second or watts

A kilowatt-hour is the electrical energy consumed in one hour at the constant rate of one kilowatt. The average household in the United States uses about 8, 900 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

Here are some math formulas to consider...(source:

Because air has mass and it moves to form wind, it has kinetic energy. You may remember from science class that:

kinetic energy (joules) = 0.5 x m x V2

m = mass (kg) (1 kg = 2.2 pounds)
V = velocity (meters/second) (meter = 3.281 feet = 39.37 inches)

Usually, we're more interested in power (which changes moment to moment) than energy. Since energy = power x time and density is a more convenient way to express the mass of flowing air, the kinetic energy equation can be converted into a flow equation:

Power in the area swept by the wind turbine rotor:

P = 0.5 x rho x A x V3

P = power in watts (746 watts = 1 hp) (1, 000 watts = 1 kilowatt)
rho = air density (about 1.225 kg/m3 at sea level, less higher up)
A = rotor swept area, exposed to the wind (m2)
V = wind speed in meters/sec (20 mph = 9 m/s) (mph/2.24 = m/s)

This yields the power in a free flowing stream of wind. Of course, it is impossible to extract all the power from the wind because some flow must be maintained through the rotor (otherwise a brick wall would be a 100% efficient wind power extractor). So, we need to include some additional terms to get a practical equation for a wind turbine.

Wind Turbine Power:

P = 0.5 x rho x A x Cp x V3 x Ng x Nb

P = power in watts (746 watts = 1 hp) (1, 000 watts = 1 kilowatt)
rho = air density (about 1.225 kg/m3 at sea level, less higher up)
A = rotor swept area, exposed to the wind (m2)
Cp = Coefficient of performance (.59 {Betz limit} is the maximum thoretically possible, .35 for a good design)
V = wind speed in meters/sec (20 mph = 9 m/s)
Ng = generator efficiency (50% for car alternator, 80% or possibly more for a permanent magnet generator or grid-connected induction generator)
Nb = gearbox/bearings efficiency (depends, could be as high as 95% if good)

If there is any single equation that the beginning wind enthusiast should memorize, this is it.

Here Are some links...

Other Energy resource websites..

A video record of the new Vestas v82 wind turbine erected on the St. Olaf campus in Northfield Minnesota
Inside a wind turbine, windmill and shots from a siemens 1.3mw (megawatt) turbine.
Joe Holden, Inventor of the first afterburner for Jet Engines at Rolls Royce, applies his knowledge to Sustainable Energy. He shows us a Min Hydro Plant that uses his proprietary "Compression Tube" technology that can make a meter squared hydro plant to power 100 homes. See also his Revolutionary Wind Farm Project.

Progress story from before the site

Before this site had become reality my Inner Strength had lead me to a place in life where my cares for new clothes, precious jewels and expensive home furnishings has little to no meaning. Without a balanced eco-system and biosphere this entire planet would be in dire straights, not only by the effects that humanity has contributed but also it has simply reached that time in the Universal Cycle of Life and New Life that we have found ourselves here in 2007. In 2005 I moved and semi-settled on Freedom Farm in the Glass House Mountains of Australia along an original settlement and trade road north. This region holds strong heritage and native aboriginal cultural values and as my understanding has progressed I know this land needs to be preserved for all Generations to enjoy during times of fine weather and drought, for when the rains come so does the ocean and much of the little tear streams become raging rivers and become large expansive lagoons and billabongs. These rains are also on a natural cycle and as yet, modern mankind has not been settled on these lands when the floods were here, yet even the Legend of the Glass House Mountains say a similar Sea Rising story . This is not a reason to stop taking action, it has been my encouragement tool to know that life should be one of positive forward action for when the negative balance occurs it will have equal respect in return, for this is the way of life, even Einstein said, E=MC2 ( The deep connection Einstein discovered between energy and mass is expressed in the equation E=mc² . Here E represents energy, m represents mass, and c² is a very large number, the square of the speed of light. Full confirmation was slow in coming. see more 
The action I have taken has resulted in many photos taken in late 2005 through 2006 until the time my on-loan High Quality Camera was returned to owner. After that my phone cameras became main source and still remain that way. Many of my photos can be found at Flickr

Version 2.0 Launches

Hello World - Welcome to the first blog entry of
A combining of two URLs into one functioning and active site.
This site can be located from either and now
Our BETA Testing is now coming to a conclusion, however if you experience any issues please comment back here and let us know.

The following is from our original Blog:

As of now, I have uploaded new images for links both on the header toolbar and also the footer. Various minor bugs have been rectified and email is functional just be aware that your email provider (i.e MSN - Yahoo etc) may block or spam box the email sent from this site. This for the internet is good safety for the method I have selected to use for email networking, they will be from: in the senders address.

If you discover any bugs or issues please respond to this comment, if someone else has already advised please refrain from repeating the same problem.

In regards to allowed links, images and words on this site:
This is an all persons site rated for everybody, please DO NOT USE NUDITY, SEXUAL OR INDECENT OR ILLEGAL WORDING OR IMAGES. LINKS TO ILLEGAL OR PORNOGRAPHIC SITES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Opinions shown by users of this site may not reflect those of 1dollarcarboncredits

I have been moving very quickly compared to previous projects I have embarked on as this site is the culmination of many projects of many years little did I know where and how it would lead me. On day one of this project I had my phone camera handy so produced the following 60 second videos. I apologise they are not edited together, I tried using youTube's Remixer, four times, but still not in my folders so not sure what happened there. My laptop has not been able to open or use any videos made in recent months due to an error I mention at Yahoo!360.


After only a few days, I have been able to (de-ja-vue) complete the installation and initial settings of this site therefore let the Global Carbon Trading begin! It was a desire of mine to ensure that not only will people with money but also people without partake in Trading and show their support. To open, I have set six (6) pages to Carbon Trading, 2 of which are free with the remaining being $1, $0.10, $2 and $5 per block. I am considering also a higher 'really serious offset' page at $100 a block with lifetime linkage and display of your uploaded image/logo/brand. I've always been trained and brought up to believe that All things are possible for those that are called according to purpose, I believe this is my calling, finally a milestone in life is reached and released, I will do my best to ensure that this project doesn't ever get away from me and after my passing that it be left in good community hands to manage, support, promote and continue Saving the Earth, one Click at a time.

That brings me to What is the purpose of's sole purpose in existence is to allow People of all Inter-net Connected Nations  to  contribute  to saving the Earth from imminent dangers associated with excess Carbon pollution by Trading in the means of  visual and clickable sponsorship positions in lieu of precious metals or electronic currency notes. These monetary funds once traded are used in tree planting and Green Electricity production to reduce International dependence on dangerous production methods such as Coal and Nuclear by starting small and expanding from profits generated by the sale of Green real world produced Electricity.

I have also taken on the mission to also educate via this blog what everyday people can do to reduce Carbon pollution and wasted electricity. I will admit here and now that in the past and still I waste electricity which encourages me to do more to FIX the problem globally from home. Using copious amounts of excess electricity is ok if it is generated greenly, would you disagree? Especially if the waster also was the producer. Actually I can hear the screams "any waste is bad" and I allow you to have that opinion, what are you doing yourself to reduce your carbon footprint?

In Peace for Gods Kingdom,
Christian Curtis
Site Creator and Producer

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What is the purpose of
Our sole purpose in existence is to allow People of all Inter-net Connected Nations
to contribute to saving the Earth from imminent dangers associated with excess Carbon pollution
by Trading in the means of visual and clickable sponsorship positions
in lieu of electronic currency notes such as PayPal & Credit Cards.

Stage One: Become established with an on-line presence.
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